SLOHS Black and Gold

Welcome to SLOHS Black and Gold

Welcome to SLOHS Black and Gold

Welcome to SLOHS Black and GoldWelcome to SLOHS Black and Gold
Black and Gold 2019-2020


Black and Gold is the booster club for SLOHS clubs and academic groups. Black and Gold benefits over 40 clubs and extra curricular groups on the SLOHS campus and generates scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors. 

What Does Black & Gold Support



As the primary public high school serving the city, San Luis Obispo High School is tasked with meeting the expectations of families looking for a rigorous, relevant academic experience that will inspire and prepare students for the future.  Latin Club, Harvard Model Congress, and Mock Trial are just some of the academic groups that Black and Gold supports to help meet those expectations.   



San Luis Obispo High School offers activities for students, teachers, and alumni that build community and commitment to one another.  Tiger Crew orientation for new students, Sober Grad Night, teacher appreciation lunches and alumni gatherings are examples of activities that Black and Gold supports.  



San Luis Obispo High School has a strong theater department, amazing artists, and talented musicians.  Black and Gold enables the theater department to buy rights to perform their productions, and has made a large investment in new band uniforms for 2015-16.   We look forward to continuing to invest in the Tiger arts community.  



What can a San Luis Obispo High School student achieve?  What can students achieve as a group?  SLO High School is nationally recognized for achievement in agricultural activities through FFA and in automobile mechanics.  SLO High graduates are studying at top-ranked universities all over the United States.  Some students have overcome tremendous odds to improve their grades and their opportunities for the future. We look forward to continuing to acknowledge and inspire student achievement. 

2019 / 2020 Board Members



  • President: Michael Berger 
  • Secretary: Brenda Lunceford 
  • Treasurer: Lourinda Brouwer 
  • Membership: Shelby Kurkeyerian
  • Web Master: Brian Clausen
  • Club Liaison: Cindy Treichler 
  • Electronic Fundraising: Jackie Warden
  • Scholarship: Jen Ross 
  • SLOHS Designated Faculty Member (ASB): Jim Johnson 

Committee Chairs 

  • Alumni Golf Tournament: Sybil Brennan
  • Avid Coordinator: Sybil Brennan 
  • B&G Auditor: Doris Kim
  • Color Blast: Brenda and Camden Lunceford
  • Empty Bowls: Rachel Kovesdi
  • Golden Tiger Awards: Jackie Warden & Jen Ross
  • Hospitality: Q Dai & Mavis Wong 
  • LoveSLO: open
  • Newsletter: Karen Edwards
  • Poinsettia Sale: Elana Harway & Justine Heinsen
  • Social Media: Keri Hammons


Contact Us

SLOHS Black and Gold

P.O. Box 295, San Luis Obispo, CA 93406